Candiani Custom

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The first urban micro factory to create your custom jeans

You customize your jeans, we create them. You can pick the ingredients that will build your pair of denim jeans. We aim to make it unique in the most sustainable way possible.

An exclusive experience at the core of Milan

You can visit our store in Piazza Mentana 3 – close to Porta Ticinese. An exclusive experience, with our expert artisans who will make your custom pair of jeans using our innovative sustainable fabrics and the most advanced textile industry technologies.

What will you do to create your custom jeans?

You will be involved in manufacturing a pair of Candiani jeans and have the opportunity to choose all their features. Your garment will be one-of-a-kind in the entire world and you will discover the quality of our fabrics and their sustainable nature

Good for the environment, perfect for you

Custom garments are made only when needed, with no surplus production. Moreover, the fabric we use in our micro factory is produced by us less than 40 km from Milan. And that’s not all: we also provide a repair service for our products and those manufactured by other brands, since we aim to increase your jeans’ durability and life cycle.

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