Candiani Denim Re-Gen

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Candiani Denim

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Candiani Denim

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The Re-Gen Collection

The garments in this collection have been made with the fabrics of
the Re-Gen family, a fabric created by Candiani Denim to celebrate its 80 years
and winner of the ITMA Sustainable Innovation Award 2019.

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The Re-Gen

The 80th Anniversary Fabric

Created by Candiani Denim to celebrate its 80th anniversary and winner of the ITMA 2019 Sustainable Innovation Award, The Re-Gen is composed of 50% Refibra™
fibers and 50% recycled fibers in both the warp and the weft. The recycled cotton comes from Candiani’s post-industrial waste while Tencel X Refibra™ is a cellulose fiber that combines recycled material, such as left over cotton scraps and wood. The result is a denim fabric woven without any fresh, raw cotton.

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Rachel boyfriend

The Rachel Boyfriend is a flattering mid-rise jean with a slouchy, relaxed fit through the leg. This jean is made with Candiani’s 80th Anniversary Re-Gen fabric, SK6262 K-Old Recycled, winner of ITMA 2019 Sustainable Innovation Award.

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Skinny Highrise

Questo Skinny Fit jeans è un jeans classico 5-tasche a vita alta e con l’allacciatura a bottoni. Il lavaggio delicato ma sofisticato e ricco di dettagli dona vita al tessuto e al suo colore.

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