Chore Coat Stone


incl. vat


Special Collaboration: Valstar x Candiani Denim Store

This workwear-inspired Chore Coat in Stone features a modern, straight fit and three patch pockets.

Fabric: This garment is made with Candiani’s RR7276 Ecru Preshrunk selvedge fabric. It features Candiani’s 72 Warp that Gianluigi Candiani, 3rd generation owner of the mill, designed over 30 years ago. This yarn, spun with Cotton fibers, has a unique authentic character and recalls the original jeans of the old days.

Valstar is a contemporary luxury house with more than a century of experience in upholding the Made in Italy tradition of true craftsmanship. The brand specializes in men’s outerwear and is known the world over for the iconic Valstarino jacket.

Fit: Regular
Fabric: 13 oz, raw, rigid denim
Composition: 100% Cotton
Cold wash, with light to no detergent. Hang to dry

Made in Italy
Washed at Candiani Denim


• Dyed with Candiani’s easy-fade Indigo Juice®, water, chemical, and energy saving technique.

• Sized using 100% biodegradable “V” Sizing extracted from entirely vegetable sources.