COREVA™ is an innovative technology developed and patented by Candiani Denim that uses a plant-based yarn obtained from natural rubber to replace synthetic, petrol-based materials. The result is a yarn made from organic cotton wrapped around a natural rubber core and completely plastic-free. By replacing conventional synthetic and petrol-based elastomers with a new, custom-engineered component, Candiani Denim has created an innovative biodegradable stretch denim fabric – without compromising the elasticity, physical qualities, and durability of jeans.

It all started with an intuition

Alberto Candiani was in the local butcher shop when he noticed a salami wrapped with a fully natural elasticized string. He wondered how to bring something similar to the denim world. After five years of research and development, the COREVA™ technology was born.

Why did we create a biodegradable and compostable stretch denim?

Tons of garments, sometimes unworn, are thrown out every year. 71% of them are made with synthetic materials from fossil fuels and release toxic substances into the environment when discarded.

COREVA™ is our solution to synthetic fibers

COREVA™ is a unique technology allowing us to create the first compostable jeans worldwide. According to lab tests, within six months, they biodegrade and become fertilizer to grow new raw materials in a perfectly circular process.

Organic cotton wraps around a natural rubber core

COREVA™ replaces synthetic fibers with a stretch yarn from natural rubber. Organic cotton wraps around this material, shaping a plastic-free fabric without compromising its quality, elasticity, and durability.

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