Size 1. Hips 2. Inseam
44,5-45,7cm / 17,5-18 inch
76cm / 30 inch
45,7-47cm / 18-18,5 inch
76cm / 30 inch
47-48,2cm / 18,5-19 inch
76cm / 30 inch
48,2-49,5cm / 19-19,5 inch
76cm / 30 inch
49,5-50,7cm / 19,5-20 inch
76cm / 30 inch
50,7-52cm / 20-20,5 inch
76cm / 30 inch
52-53,2cm / 20,5-21 inch
76cm / 30 inch
53,2-54,5cm / 21-21,5 inch
76cm / 30 inch
54,5-55,7cm / 21,5-22 inch
76cm / 30 inch
55,7-57cm / 22-22,5 inch
76cm / 30 inch
57-58,2cm / 22,5-23 inch
76cm / 30 inch

Monroe GRHID


incl. vat

Size guide

The Monroe is Denham‘s signature girlfiriend fit jeans fits snugly at the hips before widening out from the knee to the ankle.

Fabric: This garment is made with Candiani’s KR6465 KN-Green Pure Relast fabric, a medium-density denim with natural ring character. Roica™ EF, GRS-certified recycled elastane, is core-spun in Organic Cotton. And dyed with Archroma EathColors® using Candiani‘s water and chemical saving N-Denim Technology and sized with Kitotex®, a natural polymer that replaces conventional chemicals and grants a significant reduction of the water and energy used in the process.

DENHAM the Jeanmaker was founded in Amsterdam in 2008 by Jason Denham. Driven by the pioneering spirit of the original blue jean, DENHAM approaches design with a passion for innovation while honoring tradition. Sustainability has been interwoven into their brand values since day one. From offering life-long repairs on denim to reusing vintage materials and washing their jeans by hand, DENHAM has always believed in being an eco-conscious company, because the truth is in the details.

Fit: Regular
Fabric: 11¾ oz, comfort stretch selvedge denim
Design: 5-pocket, regular rise, relaxed thigh, tapered knee to ankle
Composition: 98% Organic Cotton, 2% Recycled Elastane
Care: Cold wash, with light to no detergent. Hang to dry

Made in Romania


• Made with 98% organic cotton; GMO-free and grown according to strict environmental and social standards; certified GOTS by ICEA.

• Core-spun with Roica™ EF, GRS-certified recycled elastane

• Dyed with Archroma EarthColors® a family of dyestuffs made from elements found in nature, many of which are by-products of other industries.

• Using Candiani’s no-fade N-Denim technology that saves water – reducing dye baths from 7 to 2 – and eliminates the use of hydrosulfites and other fixing agents.

• And Kitotex®, a 100% biodegradable sizing compound extracted from a natural occurring polymer found in shrimp shells, recovered as waste from the food-industry, OR other vegetable sources; non-allergenic, with bacteriostatic, anti-static, and anti-mite properties.