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Sustainability is not a choice for us but a way of life. Our company, born as a workwear textile manufacturer, was established by Luigi Candiani in 1938 in the tiny town of Robechetto con Induno, only a short distance between Milan and the Alps, that since 1974 has been located at the heart of a nature reserve, Parco del Ticino. Being deeply rooted in this community has meant responsible production and care for the environment and the generation of families that have contributed to making us what we are today.

We continue to build upon our family work ethic and sustainability ideals four generations later. We are committed, more than ever, to transforming our supply chain, production, and products into ones that provide a positive impact for the benefit of our present and future. As a world-renowned premium denim mill, we continuously work to advance our production standards, striving for beautiful, regenerative, and value-driven solutions and demonstrating our leadership position within the blue world.

Sustainability Pillars


We are located in a nature reserve park, Parco del Ticino, which is as rich in biodiversity as it is in textile heritage. We are committed to preserving and respecting both: the habitat that makes our home unique and the entire community of people that make what we do possible.

Raw Materials

To create quality denim, we need quality ingredients. We are committed to sourcing close to home, using only high-quality raw materials, ensuring the traceability of our value chain, and promoting more responsible consumption of natural resources.


Our verticalized structure allows us to innovate every step of the denim production process. We constantly develop trailblazing technologies to reduce our environmental impact and push the traditional textile industry boundaries. For over 80 years, evolution has been part of our DNA.


We always strive to be one step ahead. We support the next generation of fashion professionals and commit to increasing public awareness about real denim production. To improve our transparency, we opened the doors of our home and provided a first-hand look at how denim is made – from start to finish.

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