Triarchy X Candiani Store

Triarchy X Candiani Store

The Alpha

Candiani Denim and Triarchy introduce The Alpha.A revolutionary jean made with COREVA™, the world’s first biodegradable elastomer. Patented by Candiani Denim, COREVA™ uses a plant-based yarn obtained from natural rubber to replace synthetic, petrol-based yarns. Made from organic cotton wrapped around a natural rubber core, the result is a yarn that is completely plastic-free. This jean is made in Istanbul.


The Alpha


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Triarchy Jeans

This is Sustainable Denim

TRIARCHY denim is a California based brand, born through a collaboration between two brothers and their sister. Adam went to Italy and spent years learning the art of denim. Ania became a fashion model and a competitive showjumper. Mark, a custom motorcycle designer. Together they make a Triarchy that understands the importance of form & function, and they use this knowledge to craft their denim garments.TRIARCHY is about remembering to enjoy the journey of life in comfort and style… one leg at a time.

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