The Not for Gentlemen Collection

Candiani Denim and Valstar, two historic partners and established leaders in Made in Italy design and manufacturing, come together to present the Not For Gentlemen capsule collection. Not For Gentlemen offers a new interpretation of classic gentleman style, made for the modern man, it is the perfect combination of casual elegance and quality contemporary design.


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The story behind

The Valstarino jacket

The collection comprises of two designs – a traditional heritage Chore coat, a style that originated in France and was initially worn by workmen, and Valstar’s beloved Valstarino jacket, iconic to the Valstar brand. The Valstarino was created by Valstar in 1935, inspired by the A1 flight jacket issued to American pilots. After the end of the second world war, soldiers in the US and Europe adapted military clothing for civilian use – including their leather jackets – and the Valstarino became widely worn.

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